Things to do before being genuinely liked

Since humankind first surfaced as the rulers of this planet, it has remained conditional for it to be liked. Who or what would like them? In the earliest days, only the closest neighbors, and there were still only just a few, could possibly like you. And even then it was to be a challenge because much time was being spent fighting over territory. Today, the condition is no less different. Only now, it has well and truly exploded.

Fortunately, and inasmuch as it is happening in parts of the world, people do not need to resort to fisticuffs, sorcery, malevolent behavior and malicious language, people are reaching out more successfully, and gladly to solve their everyday issues and problems. And one of the great soap boxes of the modern era has been your now traditional social media networks. People from all walks of life are in on the act.

Street vendors and presidents, who would have thought, in the same melting pot. Everyone wants to rule the platform. And if they work hard enough at it, they can. Getting back to what was being said earlier, people of all ages and generations are connecting with each other via Facebook and Instagram. Grandads and grandmothers can keep in touch with their grandchildren from long distances on a daily basis if they want to. Young children of school going age are connecting with their parents and letting it be known that everything is alright and they are on their way home.

Still today, everyone wants to be liked. It is still human nature. Not much in that area has changed. But even so, behavioural patterns must be structured in such a way that people on the other side of the fence will really be enamoured with you. It is still up to you to dictate the terms of your popularity. It may seem quite old-fashioned to many but there is still plenty of room for decorum. The best small to medium-sized entrepreneurs have adopted this decent attitude.

You notice it immediately on their own platforms. While it is commercial, they are never afraid to show you pictures of what they did last weekend as a family. Lucky for them, their target market is looking to get social in a way that is not always possible in today’s complex everyday lives and times. It is a marketing ploy that works. There is always that ‘by the way’ moment, but it never happens before the potential customers have been asked; just how are you today.

That’s also got to be one of the great cultural things about being an American. No matter how tempestuous things become, the meeting is always rounded off with a – you have a nice day now.   The things you do to liked. Buying likes on Instagram is a way in if you have that desire to be that popular. Today, the nicest people are able to go places in their lives.