Social Media for Musicians

If you have the talent of an amazing voice or the ability to play the guitar as great as some of the legends, social media is an exceptional tool that can help you spread your voice and perhaps find the fame that you seek. It takes nothing more than the knowledge of how to use social media to your advantage to achieve great things. However, you must use the best platforms for this to happen. What are the best sites to use to spread the word that your music is out there ready to be heard?


YouTube is the largest video sharing social networking platform in the world. It is easy to use this site to your advantage! Millions of active users participate in the site each day. It is easy to make a video that goes viral or that attracts many fresh faces to your music. Quality matters on any site that you use, especially this one. Make sure your videos are easy to understand, clear to see, and about 2-3 minute in length to get the most attention. You’ll need subscribers to your page but can post your videos or others any time that you want.


Instagram is the 2nd most popular social media site in the world. It is the Facebook sister where the 30-under crowd goes to share photos and be social. Many businesses also use the site. As a musician, IG has great potential to get real likes on your photos and spread the news that you are out there. People love music and when you pique their interest through great photos you are one step closer to building a loyal fan of your music. Plus, you can buy real likes to help spread the word for even more advantages!


No conversation about social media is complete without mention of Facebook. It is the largest social media site in the world with more than 9 billion people logging on to their accounts. More than 900 million people log in each day. Facebook is a versatile site that lets you do more than you imagined possible, which is great for a thriving musician. Create live stream videos and sing to your audience or host a meet and greet session. Post your videos and share your sites with others. The options are endless.

It is Time to Use Social Media

Social media is a great place to be if you are a singer who wants to spread the word about their music and attain success and so much more. There are endless ways to achieve success if you are willing to put your best foot forward and use the right techniques and the right sites. The three social media platforms above are a handful of the sites out there but among the very best to use to share your music with the world. Now, it is time to make accounts with these sites and let your music fill the platforms.