Is less still more & good enough for Social Media?

Most readers will already be quite familiar with the concept. Less is more. No matter which area of life or business it is being applied to, it remains indicative of high quality, refinement and the sustainable use of space. There is also another popular concept applied mainly to the workplace. Work smarter, not harder. Once adopted and put into motion, this often leads to productive and creative men and women working shorter hours and freeing themselves up for more qualitative projects.

Like starting a new business perhaps. In this context, the successful launch of a new business will require quite a bit of marketing and advertising, and promotional work. The search will be on for finding the most suitable platforms or mediums from which to launch a first-time or new marketing campaign. And invariably, many smart and sustainable self-developers and self-starters are utilizing their social media platforms to promote their new businesses. But therein lies the rub. The question then.

Is the less is more concept still applicable or viable to the social media environment? Inevitably, it comes out with a derisive negative. It turns out that the successful marketing campaign carried out on Instagram (or Facebook, YouTube, and there are still others) will always require more Instagram followers. For the first-time practitioner who needs to realize an early stream of income, this is a challenge. Just where are these supporting or promotional followers going to come from. Sure enough, effective research and development work does lead you to the clues.

There are also practical ways of attracting a new and voluminous following. But all the recommended tasks do take time to realize any positive returns. For the time being, however, there is always the possibility of buying your followers. You can buy likes too in order to further project your regular posts in a positive light. Back in the day, the less is more concept may have had its merits in social media circles. People would have to wait an entire week for a truly good article to reach their in-tray.

But such is the speed of the SM networks. It is responding to today’s cultural habits. Everything must be now and here. Social media influencers and marketers have had no alternative but to respond in kind, if only to help realize their bottom lines. Regular posting work becomes essential. This entails anything from one post being sent out daily to as many as four posts per day. It could be hard work, to be sure, but in time and practice, the work can be easily mastered, particularly if you are going to be regaling over products and services that you know well.

For first-time influencers, it is also a good idea for them to do some following of their own. Apart from the fact that they are learning from other established campaigners, it’s a useful way to make an early name for themselves, particularly if they are on familiar territory, subject wise.