Did You Know That Big Biz Bought Their Followers?

It is no longer a secret if you have been on the correct path of reading and research matters. By now, you will have come to the conclusion that this is how big business has managed to maintain its incredulous popularity. But if you are one of those that have not been reading the social media and marketing news lately, this may come as a shock to you. Yes, it is just so true. Big business has bought their fair share of Instagram followers, and many of them are still doing so to this day.

As a matter of course, and from time to time, big business will be doing the purchase Instagram followers merry go round. It is not unusual even for them to experience slumps. They do not wish to give their existing visitors the impression that customers are pulling away due to a slip in service delivery or, as has been happening for many companies, new rivals have entered the scene and simply snatched business away from them, right from under their very noses.

To all intents and practical purposes, the timely purchase of Instagram followers may stand you in good stead. You may not be in the league of big business, not yet anyway, so an early foraging exercise will do you no harm. You will have to proceed with this exercise with some caution. Make a realistic projection of just how many followers a small business likes yours should have, assuming that it is successful. You will also be taking into account the kind of business you are promoting and the calibre of followers you should be attracting.

It remains important to remember that while it is all good and well to have such a grand tally of followers, you might wish to indulge in some following activities of your own in order to ensure your platform of an authentic and organic growth of followers going forward. It is in this area where you can place your good reputation in a commanding position. You can utilize rivals’ platforms to showcase your knowledge, expertise and talents to their followers who might be impressed enough to join you.

The standard practice of attracting new followers to your platform is still your daily posting regime. Genuine, authentic, real, organic followers, call them what you will, still want to read and follow what you are putting out there. You might wish to make good use of Instagram’s filters. But be selective in the choices you make.

Now that the secret is out, it is hoped that you have the courage of your own convictions to go out there and buy your followers (we recommend using Buzzoid) whilst still maintaining your regular schedule of honest to goodness not so hard but pleasurable social media work. In that sense, while you may be overawed or excited over this revelation, this is still a good sounding board for you to keep your feet firmly on the ground, and then reach for the stars.